Vitality Codes™ of Embodiment

Are you ready to feel revitalized in your body, mind and soul?

Are you ready to know who you are through the power of your body temple when it has vibrant health and energy?

Vitality Codes™ of Embodiment

Experience a profound opening of the heart and a heightened connection to your intuition.
It’s here that you’ll uncover your authentic self, living a life that resonates with  who you are.

You get to break free from limitations and embrace your true potential.

Whether you aspire to pursue your dream business, cultivate fulfilling relationships, achieve optimal physical and mental health, or release stored trauma from your body, the Embodiment Training will support you on this deeply personal journey.

The Body Temple Yoga® Method is a core practice to regain vitality and align with your heart.
Using internal alignment principles and energetics of alignment, you will re-direct energy flow from your head down to your heart so you can:

  • Know who you are.
  • Know your calling and vision for your life.
  • Get every area of life in alignment with your truest self.
  • Remain grounded through any life storm.
  • Build resiliency and strength in your body.
  • Balance your nervous system.
  • Get restorative sleep.
  • Increase mental focus.
  • Make decisions without second-guessing.
  • Strengthen your leadership.
  • Effortlessly show up as the best version of yourself 24/7.

“I am more intergrated in my body and the wisdom teachings than I’ve ever been.
I realize I can’t be me and bring all of my gifts to bear if I am not integrated.
My heart IS me and I don’t have access to any of me, if I don’t have a connection to my heart first.

I see so clearly, I need to BE in my heart first, before I can DO anything.
Then, what I do flows out of me into the world more easily.

This feels so much simpler than I ever realized and why the Embodiment Training is so important.

This not a place we visit from time to time.
Embodiment needs consistency. It is who I am and where I stay and I move from that place.

Thank you Daniella for this gift.”

Monica C.

“I thought I had completely healed an old wound from my childhood. I was surprised to see another layer come up for me to release in The Embodiment Training with Daniella.

I realized it was 100% connected to my current blocks in my business growth.

Not being chosen in my youth in moments of need, translated into a story of not being chosen as a leader by clients to work with me.

This played out as not posting on social media and not showing up to my full potential in my business.

With Daniella’s very intentional guidance and heart opening method, I was able to release this surfaced lie and reclaim the truth of my gifts, share more consistency on social media and improve my leadership in ways that feel organic, intuitive and more of me.”

Katie S.

Owner, The Whole Remedy

“The Embodiment Training is a powerful mirror of I where I am at.
I had been numb and struggling with how I was feeling. Stuck anger and a huge block in speaking that brought up sadness.

I was not speaking my truth on social media for my business and in my personal life.

The practice cracked me open to gratitude, my heart opened, I’m more in touch with myself and feeling at peace with my body.

Sanjana R.

Owner, Adios To Anxiety

“I met Daniella in 2018 and my life has never been the same since.

I leaned into the Academy, announced my new business name and got invited to speak on a podcast!

Daniella has a gift to intuitively pull from each person what is underneath the surface and guide them in exactly the way they need. It is incredible to watch her do this with everyone.

Thank you for years of guidance and mentorship. I would have never been able to launch my heart-based business without her expertise.”

Rose W.

My whole life I have lone wolfed it. Leaning on others or being vulnerable has never been something I was comfortable with because of fear of judgment, not being good enough or not being accepted.
If you would have told me a year ago where I’d be now, I’d think it ludicrous.

This wonderful community of heart-based leaders that Daniella attracts around her, demonstrated what doing better looks like, what a better version of myself looks like and seeing that a better future for myself exists.
For the first time, I feel I am living my authentic life. I found what I had been looking for.”

Jessica G.

Daniella’s training gave me tools to be a better mom, loving partner to my husband, daughter to my mother & mother in law, friend and being on this earth.
I feel drastically different than how I was before your program.
I feel love in my heart that I didn’t know was missing. And, I trandformed so much, I gave up drinking alcohol, found out more of who I am left a job that was draining my soul and I am doing work I absolutely love.

Thank you Daniella for all of your insightful teachings. It was absolutely incredible.”

Kelly B.

COO, Texas Roofing Co.

“Before the training, I had anxiety and stress taking over my life. It was caused by an increase in workload and pressure from work that consumed me. I felt terrible physically and mentally.
The words Daniella spoke about letting go of what does not serve you and not carrying what is not yours to carry was one of the most impactful teachings I received. It hit home in a new way.
I feel lighter after embodying what she taught me. I have let go and given space to myself and to the things I want and am taking action on them.

I am truly so grateful for what this journey of a program has meant to me. This will be with me for the rest of my life and onto future generations.”

Maddie H.

I felt powerless and hopeless. My whole life was out of alignment. I was successful on the outside but dying on the inside. I lost myself in the never ended struggle to gain the approval from others.

Now, I give myself approval and know that unconditional love comes from within, not without. The genius of Daniella’s yoga method & embodiment training is in drawing the initiates attention inward while empowering them with tools to aid their spiritual development.

Daniella didn’t just teach basic yoga or basic leadership.

She empowered me to trust in my capabilities and who I am. She did this in MANY ways but the most important way was by creating a container where I could safely shed what didn’t serve me anymore. With love and with grace, she armed me with the tools and wisdom to help me unfold into my true self.”

Marco M.

“My biggest struggle was my identity. I didn’t know who I was and who I wanted to be.
All the expectation from the outside world led me astray and confused.
I got more out of this training than I ever expected. It was exactly what I needed. I felt lifted by Daniella’s belief in me, support, encouragement and it gave me confidence to lauch! Everything was so clearly and beautifully presented! I honestly think she is one of the coolest people and look up to her as a role model.
The teaching of “your pain is your purpose” really landed with me. I have my new bearings in my true identity. I am so excited to share the teachings with all those I serve and cross paths with.”

Alicia T.

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