VIP Training Retreats

We offer 3 VIP TRAININGS PER YEAR nationally and internationally that focus on personal transformation, embodiment and heart wisdom lead business training.

Personal Growth Meets LEADING From The Heart.

HEAL: Learn practices to release limiting beliefs in your subconscious so you can BE who you really are.

EARN: Make money and increase your wealth from a place of generosity and service.

AUTHENTICITY: Learn to own who you really are and serve from your authentic Self.

REAL: Learn how sharing  “the real” is the way to connect heart to heart with your people.

TRANSFORMATION:  You get the training & transformation to walk your talk, your message to be a living model of your work.


Learn how to lean on the wisdom of the heart to vision, design, implement and serve in your heart-based business.

Become the way shower of a new paradigm of doing business from the heart.

Create your heart wisdom work for impact, transformation for you and those you are meant to serve.

Learn To Lead By The Wisdom Of Your Heart.

– Are you READY to take your entrepreneurial journey and vision building to the level of the heart?

The results our students receive are astoundingly & vastly different than leading with the mind. 

The results you will learn are based on your alignment with Creator, your True Self and the wisdom that is found in a healed heart.

Your divine purpose is not what you “think.”

Your divine purpose is who you ARE.

It is already written on your heart.

You will be encouraged to vision outside the limited thinking mind and guided back to your heart every step of the way.

More details and student reviews from past participants below.
Can’t wait to walk this WITH you.

You have a calling on your heart.

You are called because your gifts and talents are the answer.

Bring all your gifts into the world to benefit people and the quality of life for all.

Become Blessed so you can BE a blessing onto others.

What Is the VIP Retreat Like?

At Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™, we believe our environment and who we suround ourselves with shape our world.

Our VIP Retreat locations are selected carefully to support the growth and vision we will have in 3.5 immersive days.

The VIP Training Retreats cater to inspiration and are a blend of personal transformation, embodiment trainings and heart-based vision building and development.

HWLA teaches BOTH personal tranformation and heart-based business work because that is who you are is what your HBB will become.

Your heart-based biz will reflect who you BE, so at the retreat, you will get aligned with your most sovereign and fully self-expressed version.

You will have access to nature’s beauty and a welcoming community of like-hearted, ready-to-rock entrepreneurs.

You will have organic farm-to-table catered lunches, experience awe-inspiring sunsets, rooftop celebratory dinners and so much more.

You will leave feeling renewed and on fire to take your HBB from ordinary to extraordinary.

1. Lead by the Wisdom of your Heart.

We are taught to lead by the mind and we do by default, ironically, without even “thinking” about it.

Unless you learn how to unravel that deeply engrained programming in your subconscious, the power of your heart will never be truly known.

You will be lead through unique embodiment training to remove the old programming and redesign who you BE through alignment with your True Self.

Here in the Academy, we don’t just slap another label on ourselves of “heart-based leader” without doing the work.

We BECOME the embodiment of it.

2. Break Free From Fear

Do you know the #1 thing that will stop your true destiny?


  • Learn how to let the Wisdom of the Heart lead to finally know how to break free from from fear – for good.
  • Fear comes in all forms. Learn the tools to break fear off of your life so you can create every area of your life from your true heart’s callings.
  •  Get yourself back on track and waste less time in fear and spend more time living what you love.

3. Body Temple Yoga® Method

Transform, heal old wounds, unravel from the programming that said what you “should be” and step into who you really are:  the heart-based leader you were born to be.

The embodiment practice of Body Temple Yoga®, is from 20 years of development by Daniella Cotreau that moves energy from your head to your heart.

It works BOTH in your personal development and in heart wisdom leadership for inner & outer alignment in every area of your life.

Get ready to have your mind blown and heart opened.


4. Round Table Talks

You will also have the opportunity to work in groups to fine tune your vision and heart-based business.

  • Goal setting is GOLD.
    Goals are guide posts.
    You will know what you are doing, why you are doing it and have goals set for weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.
  • You’ll get customized next steps and ideas from Daniella AND ideas from the other entrepreneurs at your table.
  • We are meant to create together so we will take full advantage of this time together and get it done.
  • You will walk out of this VIP retreat training clear on your vision, clear on your next steps for each quarter of the year, full of fire, ready to implement and start serving at the level you just moved to!

5. Use Your True Voice

Afraid to speak up?

Hesitant to use your voice?

I feel you. We’ve all been there and it’s so human to feel this way.

You were given a voice – not to just communicate – but to manifest with.

Your voice has the power to create life or create death.

What are you speaking over yourself, your life and your leadership?

Your message needs your voice.

Let’s get it in aligment with WHO YOU ARE and your true divine purpose.

  • You will have the opportunity to discover and unleash your authentic voice.
  • You will learn how to speak whether it’s for a online video, live stream, podcast etc.
  • Get personalized training and feedback.
  • Take your confidence in using your voice to the next level.
  • Use your voice for good and get confident to speak your vision loud and proud to your people.


6. Social Media For Good

Feel stuck with social media?

Not sure how to use it for business building?

Feel intimidated by becoming more visible?


  • Learn how to use it well so that your business grows and posts convert.
  • Transform your relationship to social media so it’s fun and not another to-do list task.
  • Learn to make it a place of empowerment rather than a place you dread.
  • Get your message out consistently, clearly, succinctly and with Grace.
  • Have unlimited topics to post about.

7. Your Story Is Your Glory

There is only one YOU.

Your story is what differentiates YOU from anybody else.

No one else can tell your story but you.

No one has your story except you.

Your story is what lead you to your heart path and what supports your life’s work.

You will get step by step guidance to unveil your unique story is, which one to tell and how to put it together.

This is how you earned the right to carry your medicine.


“There’s never a dull moment with Daniella. She asks the deep and real questions.  She knows what’s possible for me, for us, with such conviction and confidence behind her. She helps me know things deep within my heart and live it within myself and she knows it’s going to happen. This kind of support is so valuable to me.”

Margaret C.

“I knew there was more to life than communting long hours for work I did not love. With Daniella’s mentorship, I learned to let go of fear and lead with my heart and my life changed for the better. I changed from insecure to a confident working professional. I am a less stressed out wife and mom. I have become a happier person because of my commitment.
Now, I help my clients get out of their monkey mind and into their heart and now their lives are changing for the better. It is a beautiful feeling to know I am helping others. It’s a beautiful ripple effect.”

Mayra. F

Since working with Daniella, I have, grown my business from a solo venture to a team of 10+. My business revenue has more than tripled, and this has been with me working less. I won multiple business grants and paid off student loans. I have become a person who is important to know and seen as someone who adds value to the lives and businesses of others. I use yogic technology to give me confidence, slow down, tune in, set my foundation and alignment which catapults me forward.”

Karla B.


Join a collective of visionary humans who uplift our world through heart wisdom businesses leadership.

Welcome to Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™

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