VIP Mastermind Retreats


  • Maldives – Mar 9-12, 2023
  • Amalfi Coast, Italy – TBD

Personal Growth Meets Leading with Heart.

HEAL: Release limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind, aka your body, so you can BE who you really are.

EARN: Increase your wealth, use money to create legacy from a place of generosity and service.

AUTHENTICITY: Stand in who you are so every aspect of your business reflects your authentic Self.

REAL: No manipultive tactics to build your business. Be real: Your fully liberated Self.

TRANSFORMATION:  You will walk your talk and live your message to be model of your work.


Learn how to lean on the wisdom of the heart to vision, design, implement and serve in your heart-based business.

Become the way shower of a new paradigm of doing business from the heart.

Create your heart wisdom work for impact, transformation for you and those you are meant to serve.

Learn To Lead By The Wisdom Of Your Heart.

Are you READY to take your entrepreneurship, business and vision building to a bigger level of your dream life and leadership?

The results our students receive are astoundingly different when they learn how to lead with their heart.

Their results are bigger than they imagined and are aligned with their true vision instead of the limited thinking mind.

You will be invited to dream big and be in an enviroment that not only gives you full permission, but gives you the tools to make it a reality.


Unlock the true purpose on your heart.

Your gifts and talents are the answer.

Benefit people, planet and use profit for good.

Become Blessed so you can BE a blessing onto others.

What Is the VIP Mastermind Retreat Like?

At Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy® we know our environment and who we surround ourselves with shape our world.

Our VIP Retreat locations are selected to support the growth and vision we will have in 4 immersive days.

Our VIP Mastermind Retreats cater to inspiration and education.
They are a blend of personal transformation, Embodiment Trainings and heart-based vision building and development.

Your heart-based biz will reflect who you BE in the world, so at the retreat, you will get aligned with your most creative and empowered version of you.

You will experience the earth’s natural beauty and experience a world of diverse culture and people.
You will be surrounded by a community of like-hearted entrepreneurs traveling with you in this one of a kind experience.

Each VIP Mastermind Retreat is in a new location with a unique THEME and new set of teachings in personal development and heart-based business building.

Giving Forward is built into our experiences.
We will spend a 1/2 day giving to the local communities we are in so you can see your impact potential on global scale.

No retreat is the same so choose your adventure – or all of them!

You will leave feeling renewed and move your heart-based business from ordinary to extraordinary.


March 9-12, 2023

Located in the Indian Ocean, this remote country of 1,192 islands and 26 coral atolls is bursting with world-class diving and snorkeling in addition to beachfront villas and swimming in sapphie waters.


In addition to Embodiment Training and Heart Wisdom Business development, and vision expansion, we will teach you how to bring Giving Forward into your business as one of the fundamental pieces that creates circular wealth in your company AND those you serve.
Learn how to create wealth for generations to come. We will also spend time as a group serving and giving forward to the local community we are a part of.
So get ready for a life changing experience!

Florida Keys


This is perfect for those who want the tropical style getaway without needing a passport.

Local activities include boating, diving, fishing, snorkeling coral reefs, a hammock garden for reading and the freshest seafood you can get from local fisherman.


The focus of our time together will be to AMPLIFY our VISION.

Without vision, you don’t know where you are going or what to do next.
You will do deep dive vision work so your messaging becomes crystal clear to your audience.
As a result, your clients will be easily inspired to get on board with you and your work.


Amalfi Coast, Italy

Dates: TBD

While you can’t go wrong with incredible food and scenery in Italy, Amalfi Coast has one of the world’s most famous road trips: The Amalfi Drive is arguably the most beautiful 48 kilometers of coastline in Italy.


“There’s never a dull moment with Daniella. She asks the deep and real questions.  She knows what’s possible for me, for us, with such conviction and confidence behind her. She helps me know things deep within my heart and live it within myself and she knows it’s going to happen. This kind of support is so valuable to me.”

Margaret C.

“I knew there was more to life than communting long hours for work I did not love. With Daniella’s mentorship, I learned to let go of fear and lead with my heart and my life changed for the better. I changed from insecure to a confident working professional. I am a less stressed out wife and mom. I have become a happier person because of my commitment.
Now, I help my clients get out of their monkey mind and into their heart and now their lives are changing for the better. It is a beautiful feeling to know I am helping others. It’s a beautiful ripple effect.”

Mayra. F

Since working with Daniella, I have, grown my business from a solo venture to a team of 10+. My business revenue has more than tripled, and this has been with me working less. I won multiple business grants and paid off student loans. I have become a person who is important to know and seen as someone who adds value to the lives and businesses of others. I use yogic technology to give me confidence, slow down, tune in, set my foundation and alignment which catapults me forward.”

Karla B.

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