Private Mentorship

with Daniella

Raise the vitality of every area of your life.

Ready to be in love with every area of your life?

Bring your entire life into alignment.

Experience unprecedented fulfillment.

Attract powerful relationships in your life.

Lead from the true power of your heart.

Transform you life into your dream life.

Do you wonder if there is more to life and success?

Have you done “all the things” and made all the money but still wonder if there is a more fulfilling experience in your personal life?

Your intuition is correct.

There is.

And it comes from being in full alignment with who. you. are.

I lacked the tools, structure, and self-care which is why my transformation was only short-lived.

I didn’t know they key was to be ‘embodied’.

Learning heart-based self leadership with Daniella is what’s made growth a continuous, sustainable process.

It helped me create real, long term change that’s made me feel more home within myself and more fulfilled in my life.”

Divya N.

“I signed up for her VIP-DAY as I needed specific and rapid results.

I knew she was more than capable as I have watched her grow her own business over the years. I have seen her embody the heart-based leadership qualities I wanted to bring to my business.

Daniella is very easy to work with and is 100% professional.

I came to her needing a 360 on my business Name, Ideal client, and program layout.

I was not getting the results I wanted with my current business and she helped me get clear and confident about my next steps.

I got the rapid results I needed in ONE DAY.

Working with someone on your “business” is personal. With Daniella, I was able to express myself in a safe environment.

I highly recommend her if you want amazing results!”

Kitty R.


This teaching from Daniella helped me to find my gifts and learn to own and lead my life, creating through heart-based decisions.

Thank you Daniella.

You have changed the trajectory of my life in such a powerful way.”

Rashmi S.

What Does Private Mentorship Involve?

Imagine having someone walking with you every step of the way get giving you the space and wisdom to stand on your own two feet as you transform.

Every step of the experience is a profound understanding and practical embodiment of what it truly means to live in alignment with your authentic self in every aspect of your life.

We will set the goals desired in the time frame of the mentorship container so you are walking away with everything you came for and equipped with your next steps.

“I have made more progress with Daniella in the past few months than I did in the past many years on my own.
She helped me leave corporate, start a successful heart-based business and had my biggest revenue month! She taught me how to see my value, my gifts and how to serve from my heart.
With her guidance I have been able to create more offers and serve more women. Thank you Daniella!”

Cassandra M.

“I found everything I was looking for in Daniella. In 6 months, we unravelled all of my traumas, programming, healed my control issues, and I stopped drinking alcohol.
1-1 Mentorship with Daniella changed my adulthood, how I parent and how I walk on this earth. I am forever grateful for her teachings and wisdom.
There really is no-one like her and her method.” 

Kelly B.

I know that my business will take a turn for the better after the mentorship I received from Daniella. There is something to be said about having this concentrated time together that helped it all sink in to my heart and flow through me so much faster and easier than doing it alone.”

Erica F.

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