Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy®’s Digital Courses

Welcome to the EVOLVE Library.

Embark on a transformative journey through the Academy’s Digital Courses, guiding you towards self-discovery, purpose, and the realization of your heart-based vision and business.

It all begins right here, with the first step. Before you know it, the hidden treasures within your heart will manifest into reality.

  • You will reap the benefits.
  • Your finances will flourish.
  • Your family will thrive.
  • Others will be positively impacted.
  • The world will be enriched.

Experience true wealth across every aspect of your life.

You are deserving of all this and more. You were born for greatness beyond your current awareness or teachings.

Within your heart lies everything you need.

Your purpose for being here is significant.

I am excited to guide you on this extraordinary journey.

Each step you take is a step in your evolution.

It is a profound transformation of who you are, your work, and the unique contributions you are meant to offer.

Through these courses, my intention is for your work to become a beautiful reflection of your authentic heart.

As you evolve, the world transforms.

Your commitment is to explore the depths of your being and unleash the limitless potential within you.

This platform provides you with easy access to my work, allowing you to start now. It is perfect for those who are not yet ready for the high-level year program but are eager to embark on their heart-based business journey, fulfilling their true calling.

Once you make a purchase, you will have lifetime access to revisit the courses as often as needed, supporting your ongoing evolution.

20/20 Vision

Break free from mental blocks that keep you in default.
Shift into vision to create your life and leadership by design.
Get 20/20 with your VISION.

Repurpose Your Passion

Repurpose your passion with simple strategies to take what you love and turn it into your dream life and  leadership.


Q: Can I do this without much embodiment experience?

A: Yes! If you are new to these practices, even better as we will start you off on the right foot to transformation. If you are a seasoned practitioner, you will refine and nuance your already existing practices to the next level and go even deeper into who you are.

Q: I’m brand new in my business, will this be a fit for me?

A:  Absolutely yes! Start your business from an empowered place within yourself so you don’t waste time making all the common mistakes that beginners make because of their lack of confidence. You can be successful in the first year of business when you don’t lead from your past traumas and limiting beliefs. The health of your business comes from the health of YOU. You will replace unintentional self sabotage with empowered wisdom of who you are and your work will naturally clarify.

Q: Do I need to have an existing business?

A: No, this is focused on your personal transformation, healing, health in all areas of life.
If you eventually want to start your own business, The Embodiment Training will help you create it the right way from the best version of yourself. Say goodbye to limiting beliefs, fear, self doubt and worry and say hello to the courageous and confident version of you.

Q: I’m seasoned in my business, how will this help me?

A: It will take you to the next level of your personal development get you living as the next best version of yourself. You will show up as that next level version in your business, take next level actions and get next level results. Your revenue will also move to the next level because of the power in how you show up.

Q: I’m in a business coaching program now. Will this help me?

A: Absolutely yes! This is an excellent supplement to your current coaching program as most coaching programs miss the embodiment piece and leave you trying to create a new vision from and old version of self with all the things that keep you stuck still well intact.

Q: I’m still in corporate and looking to start a heart based business. How will this help me to do this faster?

A: It will replace the hesitation and fear that keeps you from leaving corporate with inner confidence and courage. You will implement your exit plan with clarity and excitement for your new life. It will give you the inner strength and resiliency you need to start your new endeavor! Daniella has successfully helped women leave corporate and start doing 10K months in less then 6 months. Book a call with her to get your custom exit strategy and heart based business plan and start living your dreams now.

The Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy®

Get biohacking, life, leadership and business insights to turn your life into your legacy.

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