Daniella LaRosa Cotreau

CEO | Founder | Visionary

Love. Leadership. Legacy.

Heart-Led Approach to Leadership

There is a well of wisdom in the heart.

However, we don’t tap into it whenever we want initially.

What if the well, whatever you’re tapping into, is full of toxicity?
We clean that up at each stage of building, otherwise it blocks the full potential of your gifts and the business legacy you are here to create.

We access the wisdom of the heart on the other side of transforming the heart.

Within the work, it aims to remove all baggage, all limiting beliefs to creating your dream business and ideal lifestyle so that you’re making powerful decisions in life, leadership and business that move your vision forward, faster.

We clean up and align your leadership that leads to the legacy.

My Story

From the young age of five, I intuitively sensed a deeper purpose beyond what I was shown or taught about love and the heart.

I prayed for guidance and embarked on a journey shaped by many diverse life experiences and life-changing challenges.

Growing up as an empath, I experienced a lot of emotional trauma, felt suffocated and controlled, pressured to conform.
Unexplained health issues plagued me for over a decade.

For two decades, I immersed myself in the study of the body, bio-hacking health, massage therapy, somatic therapy and 20 years of study of authentic yoga, learning from masterful teachers and guided by mentors around the globe.

In the process, I unraveled trauma, shed societal conditioning, and discovered my true essence.
Through faith, wisdom, tenacity, and perseverance, I transcended the obstacles I had faced and healed.

Through this journey, I discovered what had been missing:

My authentic self, stripped of conditioning, pain, and programming. I discovered my innate gifts and a burning desire to serve a higher purpose.

I then knew it was time to pass on this wisdom. That I was blessed to be a blessing for others.

Founding a successful multi six-figure yoga school, I shared all that I had learned and the wisdom of the heart that I gained, instilling heart-based leadership into my students that was absent in conventional education.

The school evolved into Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy® and grew to over 1 million in revenue helping entrepreneurs align with the calling on their heart and scale heart-wisdom led businesses to create an impactful legacy of change in the world.

Daniella Cotreau
CEO, Founder, Visionary
Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy®

Core Values:


We know that being of service is the fastest path back to the heart. It points us to our greatness potential and a fulfilling life and generating more income to grow ourselves and our businesses to their full potential.


We embrace wisdom as our compass in life, rather than conforming to the world, we unearth our genuine purpose for existence and thrive in harmony with our authentic selves.


We are a people first culture and believe that is through human connection and relationships that we grow ourselves and our businesses. We are not meant to do this alone and do better in collaboration. Our network becomes our net worth.


We know our authenticity is what will change the world. This ultimately magnetizes and attracts our ideal clients. Instead of trying to prove or perform, we share more of who we are.

The Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy®

Get biohacking, life, leadership and business insights to turn your life into your legacy.

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