Daniella Cotreau

Founder | Visionary

Birthing Heart Based Leaders For World Change.

Welcome heart-based leader!

Get ready for a life you’ll love more than you could imagine.
LIVE your heart-based leadership and birth your heart-based vision into the world.

My Approach

My approach is through personal transformation from the inside out.

Through the body.

Through the heart.

Through vision.

Through mentorship.

Through community.
Everything we see outside is reflection of how we see ourselves inside.
You and I can change our world by evolving who we are and how we show up.

Let’s rise together!

My Story

I was blessed to know from the young age of 5 that I was here for more than what was being shown or taught.
It was a strong intuition but I had not idea what that would look like.
I asked God to show me more about love and the heart.

This became an answered prayer. From that day, I was given many life experiences and challenges that answered that curiosity to know more.

I grew up being told and pressured what to do, how to do it and when to do it and none of it was me. Generational trauma was passed down. I felt smothered and controlled and there was no room to explore who I really was.

Through, faith, trust and perseverence, I emerged through this.
Starting in my 20’s, I studied and practiced true yoga & the healing arts, travelin the world and studying under many teachers for 20 years. I healed along that journey.
I unraveled trauma, conditioning and removed the things that were placed on me but were not me.

After 10 years of solid teaching, I founded a yoga school that taught true yoga. I ran that for another 10 years and it was very succesful and life changing for the students who participated.

One of the many things I came to realize that what was missing was me.

I learned I have innate gifts.
I learned I have a fire in my heart to serve something greater than myself.
I learned about my purpose.
I learned I am here to teach people in the world what’s possible.
I learned I am here to assist in the rise of a heart-based paradigm.

I am here to help you in these ways and so much more.


Core Values:


As we lead from our hearts our lives become the reflection of who we truly are and we step into our higher purpose for being here.


Your authenticity is what will change the world. You are meant to shine as you are and have been created to be. It is through this, you will find fulfillment and success in all you do and create.


Your sovereignty is your true power within.  You are untouchable there. And the more sovereign you become, the more empowered, influential and impactful you are to make great and positive change in the lives you touch.


Being of service is the fastest path back to the heart. It leads us back to our greatness and to a fulfilling life. When we each find our divine service, we all win and the world becomes more beautiful and free.


What would heart-based leadership be without it?


Being led by Grace. Opening to Grace. Allowing Grace to move through you and your work in the world.

Daniella Cotreau


Are you ready to join a collective of big hearted humans who create lives and heart-based business that uplift our world?

Welcome to Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™

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