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Daniella Cotreau

Founder | Visionary

Birthing Heart Based Leaders For World Change.

Welcome aspiring entrepreneur!

Get ready to LIVE your heart-based leadership and birth your heart-based business into the world.

My Approach

My approach is through personal transformation from the inside out.

Change starts from within.
Everything we see outside is reflection of how we view ourselves inside.
You and I can change our world by evolving who we are and how we show up.

Let’s do this!

My Story

I knew from the young age of 5 that there was more than what was being shown or taught. It was a strong intuition. Something did not feel right. Something felt missing.
I asked God/Universe to show me more about love and the heart.

This was an answered prayer. From that day I was given many life experiences and challenges that answered that desire to know more.

I grew up being told and pressured what to do, how to do it and when to do it and none of it was me. Generational trauma was passed down and inflicted. I felt smothered and controlled and there was no room to explore who I really was.

I emerged through this. I studied and practiced true yoga & the healing arts for 20 years. I healed. I unraveled my trauma, the conditioning, the things that were pushed on me but were not me.

What I learned was missing was ME. The real me. The authentic, fully expressed me. The me that already knew deep down there was more.

I learned not only who I was but I learned I have innate gifts. I learned I have a fire in my heart to serve something greater than myself. I learned I have purpose. I learned I am here to teach the world what’s possible. I learned I am here to assist in the emergence of a heart-based paradigm.

I am here to help you discover who you are and why you are here without all your trauma, pain and conditioning as well.


My Values & Beliefs


I believe if we lead from our hearts our lives would be the reflection of what we are truly wanting.


Your authenticity is what will change the world. You are meant to shine as you are. It  is all you need to find fulfillment and success in all you do.


Without sovereignty we are slaves to society. Sovereignty is your true power. You are untouchable here. And the more sovereign you become, the more powerful and untouchable you are by those who seek to control you.


WE are the true creators of our world. Serving humanity serves you. You get to be the best version of you. When the vital, alive, sovereign, empowered, clear, inspired version of you shows up and serves, we all win and the world becomes more free.

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