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Heart Wisdom Private Mentorship

with Daniella

A Heart Path Lifestyle That Aligns With You.

Embodied heart wisdom and its leadership into every area of your life.

Are you ready to live by what is truly within your heart?

Do you want to live in alignment with who you are?

Do you want to live freely self-expressed without 2nd guessing yourself?

Do you want to know your unique gifts and what you have to give?

Do you want to be free of limiting beliefs and heal from past trauma?

If yes, let's consider working together.

Heart Wisdom Private Mentorship

Say Hello to THE TRUE YOU.

Do you experience repeating cycles of the same issues and don’t know how to break free from them?

Do you wonder if there is something more to life but you don’t know what it is?

Do you feel ready to create a more fulfilling experience in every area of your life?

Heart Wisdom Private Mentorship is here for you.

Your first step in moving towards your heart-based legacy is get the right 1-1 mentorship support for your needs.

I completely lacked the tools, structure, self-care and self-nurturance which is why any change was only temporary or short-lived. I didn’t know what it took for that change to be ‘embodied’.
Learning heart-based leadership with Daniella is what’s made growth a continuous, sustainable process helping me create real, long term change in a way that’s made me feel more home within myself.”

Divya N.

“I am attracting new clients and making more income that I thought was possible.
I am taking steps toward my mission and I have experience firsthand how I can serve from my heart make a living at it.
I am a transformed person who is starting her own business as a Doula for Life & Death and this gives me so much joy and happiness. 
Daniella has given me the tools and structure I needed to step away from my job and create what I truly felt called to do.”

Margaret C.

“IN THE PROCESS OF CULTIVATING YOUR GIFTS, THE VALUE OF YOURSELF GOES UP. This teaching from Daniella helped me to find my gifts and learn to own and lead my life, creating through heart-based decisions.
Thank you Daniella. You have changed the trajectory of my life in such a powerful way.”

Rashmi S.

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Head to Heart Mastery Program

Shift from your head to your heart in your life and leadership. Learn & embody the tools to transform from the inside out. Know who you are, what your unique purpose and gifts are here to give.

Become A Heart Based Leader

Build your heart-based buisness and organizational structure to bring your unique leadership into the world effectively, with integrity, authenticity and rapid results.

What Is The Process Like?

Your heart is the leader.

Your mind is the servant to your heart.

We create you transformation together with this ideal relationship between the head and the heart.
The process is one of transformation from the inside out.
At Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™ our outer world reflects our inner world.

You will live from confidence, abundance mindset, your unique creativity, authenticity, long term sustainability and personal growth and evolution.

And most of all, you get to be YOU.

This is about alignment with your true self in every area of your life.

1. Shift From Head To Heart

Get personalized support and tools to transform where your head is still leading and sabotaging the outcomes you want and where your heart could take the lead.

We will put each in their highest and most aligned place to get the results and life experiences you truly desire.

2. Know Who You Are

You will discover who you truly are outside of all external noise and voices. You will come to know your own voice and how to listen to your own inner guidance.

3. Heal Old Wounds

 Do you have old wounds that still come up after years of work or therapy? This is where we will work to get to the root of each and lead with love and the wisdom of the heart for healing and a lasting inner shift.

You will no longer be lead by your emotional baggage but your emotional guidance instead.

4. What Do You Really Want?

Sounds like an easy question right? But most of the time we ask our head and so what we think we “should do.”

This time we will unpack the truth from your own heart.

As you disvoer who you really are, you will also discover what you really want. They are connected.

5. Embodied Transformation

  • 20+ years of studying and teaching true yoga.
  • 10 years running a successful multi 6 figure transformational yoga training school.
  • I developed my own methodology called Body Temple Yoga®.

It moves energy from the head to the heart and gets your heart in the front seat of your life.

We will use the techniqques and practices that I learned and developed for you to have true change from within.

“I came to Daniella to work on one area of my life and to my surprise all of them are changing in the best ways. She has an incredible gift to see straight through to the heart of the matter which moved my life forward so much faster than on my own.”

Annie M.

“For years, I spent life living from a contracted state of fear that I wasn’t enough and cyclical self-defeating beliefs. Working with Daniella strengthened my connection to my heart and has changed my life forever. Thank you!”

Sasha G.

I know that my business will take a turn for the better after the coaching I received from Daniella. There is something to be said about having this concentrated time together that helped it all sink in to my heart and flow through me so much faster and easier than doing it alone.”

Erica F.

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