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Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™

Create The Heart Wisdom Way.

Leave A Legacy That Lives On.

Utilize every talent and skill that you have, break free from outdated models of doing business and be part of a legacy a leaders that live from the heart.


You never fit in because you were not supposed to fit into  a model of business that isn’t YOU.
Let’s change the face of doing business together.

Helping YOU Help Your People

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE TRUE YOU

Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™ is here to help you to discover your legacy, both in BEING who you truly are and DOING – living your legacy.
Discover your unique offering, know how you will structure it and leave it behind the way you dream.

I invite you to think outside the box, dream BIG, lean on your heart instead of the limited un-checked Ego that will shut down your offering faster than one single heartbeat if you let it.

Support is here.
Your first step in moving towards your heart-based legacy is lean in and get the right support.

Who are you meant to serve?

What is the problem you are here to solve with your heart-based business?

How is your unique heart-based leadership a solution that changes the world?

Together, we will answer these questions for you and so much more.

Head To Heart Mastery Program

Shift from your head to your heart in your life and leadership. Learn & embody the tools to transform from the inside out. Know who you are, what your unique purpose and gifts are here to give.

Become A Heart Based Leader

Build a heart-based business and organizational structure to bring your unique leadership into the world effectively with integrity, authenticity and rapid results.

Heart Wisdom Private Mentorship

Private 1-1 Container with Daniella for your personal transformation and heart-based business building.

What Is The Process Like?

The process is one of transformation from the inside out.
At Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™ I believe our outer world reflects our inner world.
If you and I really want to see change on the outside, our work begins within.
Where you operate from is what you will create your business from.
I help you create from confidence, abundance mindset, uniqueness, creativity, authenticity and sustainability.
And most of all, you get to be YOU.
No dry content or strategies that try to fit you into another box.
This is about creating and building from your heart and getting out of your head.

1. Move From Head To Heart

Make the embodied personal transformation journey from living in fear, worry, anxiety and lack to living in harmony with yourself so that you are fulfilled in living your purpose.

2. Find Out Who You Are

Now, that you have a real connection to your heart, you get to realize who you really are. This opens huge doors for your life and heart-led leadership.

3. Embodied Transformation

I bring 20+ years of studying and teaching true yoga. I grew Body Temple Yoga® School to multi 6 figures by teaching deep personal and life transformation for 10 succesful years.

In Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™ we use the Body Temple Yoga® Method.

It moves energy from your head to your heart so that your heart becomes the leader in everything that you do and create.

4. Know Your Purpose

Now that you know who you are and have an embodied understanding of leading from your heart, you walk through the next gate of knowing your purpose and why you are here.

5. Create Your Heart Wisdom Work In The World

Create your heart-basesd leadership and/or business: The structure, the income, the sustainabilty, your creativity and the joy of doing something you love.

Generate great income with ease of being yourself while you serve something greater than yourself.

Leave a legacy for your children and/or future generations.

6. Expand Your Reach

Reach and serve the people that are meant to be served by YOU.

Learn how to scale your work with ease, joy and enthusiasm instead of burnout and overwhelm.

Serve the clients you LOVE working with and revel in watching them create incredible results.

Heart Based Leaders Take Bold Action.
They are a stand for what they believe in.

What we know as children is our purpose.
We know why we are here and what we are here to do.
We get an inkling of that.

And then we forget.
We forget because we have parental influence, societal influence and distractions that can easily pull us off track. Especially if we were told what to do our whole life instead of supported to explore for ourselves.
Can you relate?

It’s time to circle back to what we orginally knew. It’s time to bring back that knowing and bring it into the world.
If you follow that, you will discover who you are and why you are here.
You will find your dharma.

Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™ is the container for your spiritual growth, personal growth and your heart-based leadership/heart-based buisness growth.
Welcome to the heart path.
Welcome to the Academy.

“There’s never a dull moment with Daniella in the Academy. She asks the deep and real questions.  She knows what’s possible for me, for us, with such conviction and confidence behind her. She helps me know things deep within my heart and live it within myself and she knows it’s going to happen. This kind of support is so valuable to me.”

Margaret C.

“Daniella walks the talk, to see the model, to see the example. She is deep, genuine and her work and experience is so diverse. The authenticity of it is healing and inspirational. Without all this, it would not be as powerful, real or potent.
Her fanning her flame is beautiful to watch her be a stand for what she believes in and encourages others to do the same for themselves. This is everything and not everyone can do this.”

Joseph C.

“Daniella is what is possible. She keeps going in her own growth and expansion and it’s so inspiring. She is such a motivator of “what’s possible.” She embodies, embodiment. It’s an honor to learn, strengthen, shed, heal and transform with her and be her student.”

Marcie Lynn C.

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