Heart Wisdom Leader Mastermind

Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy®


You are innately a heart wisdom leader ready to make your vision real.

You know on a deep level, you are here to do great things.

You are a natural leader.

You want to see a better world and make a positive impact with your gifts and talents.

You want it to be aligned and reflect who you are.

You don’t want to hum along feeling like something is missing.

You don’t want to spin your wheels guessing or grow a business on confusion, old salesy tactics, burn out or just getting by.

You want it your way and from a heart wisdom based approach.

And you are wise enough to know doing it alone doesn’t work.

You are in the right place.


Know the vision on your heart.

Know your WHY and who you are meant to serve.

Ignite your passion and include all your talents in your work.

Learn heart wisdom leadership principles for a success and longevity in business.

Expand your body of work to reach more people.

Live in Wealth in Every Area of  Your life and business.


Discover and live your legacy in BEING who you are and DOING what you love while serving others.
Build your vision based on your values, passions and purpose.
Create abundance of alignment in your health, wealth, business, relationships and family.
Love making a living at what you do.
Book your call to speak with me and let’s see if it’s aligned to work together.

Within 5 months of working with Daniella, I got the perfect exit plan to leave a corporate job, launched my business and made landed my first 10k month in my company.

She was able to walk me through a clear plan to resign from a career that was draining me AND launch my business in the same month.

With her expert guidance I have been able to create incredible life changing offers to serve women in corporate to remove burnout, reclaim their power and thrive in their life.

Cassandra M.

CEO, Founder, Revive And Thrive Women, LLC

Since working with Daniella, I have, grown my business from a solo venture to a team of 10+. My business revenue has more than tripled, and this has been with me working less. I won multiple business grants and paid off student loans. I have become a person who is important to know and seen as someone who adds value to the lives and businesses of others. I use yogic technology to give me confidence, slow down, tune in, set my foundation and alignment which catapults me forward.”

Karla B.

CEO, Founder, Soul Centric Counseling, LLC

“With Daniella’s mentorship, I learned to let go of fear and lead with my heart and my life changed for the better. I changed from insecure to a confident working professional. I am a less stressed out wife and mom. I have become a happier person because of my commitment. I help my clients get out of their monkey mind and into their heart and now their lives are changing for the better. It is a beautiful feeling to know I am helping others. It’s a beautiful ripple effect.”

Mayra F.


Our programs

Q: Can I do this without much embodiment experience?

A: Yes! If you are new to these practices, even better as we will start you off on the right foot to transformation. If you are a seasoned practitioner, you will refine and nuance your already existing practices to the next level and go even deeper into who you are.

Q: I'm brand new in my business, will this be a fit for me?

A:  Absolutely yes! Start your business from an empowered place within yourself so you don't waste time making all the common mistakes that beginners make because of their lack of confidence. You can be successful in the first year of business when you don't lead from your past traumas and limiting beliefs. The health of your business comes from the health of YOU. You will replace unintentional self sabotage with empowered wisdom of who you are and your work will naturally clarify.

Q: Do I need to have an existing business?

A: No, this is focused on your personal transformation, healing, health in all areas of life.
If you eventually want to start your own business, The Embodiment Training will help you create it the right way from the best version of yourself. Say goodbye to limiting beliefs, fear, self doubt and worry and say hello to the courageous and confident version of you.

Q: I'm seasoned in my business, how will this help me?

A: It will take you to the next level of your personal development get you living as the next best version of yourself. You will show up as that next level version in your business, take next level actions and get next level results. Your revenue will also move to the next level because of the power in how you show up.

Q: I’m in a business coaching program now. Will this help me?

A: Absolutely yes! This is an excellent supplement to your current coaching program as most coaching programs miss the embodiment piece and leave you trying to create a new vision from and old version of self with all the things that keep you stuck still well intact.

Q: I’m still in corporate and looking to start a heart based business. How will this help me to do this faster?

A: It will replace the hesitation and fear that keeps you from leaving corporate with inner confidence and courage. You will implement your exit plan with clarity and excitement for your new life. It will give you the inner strength and resiliency you need to start your new endeavor! Daniella has successfully helped women leave corporate and start doing 10K months in less then 6 months. Book a call with her to get your custom exit strategy and heart based business plan and start living your dreams now.

Why Heart Wisdom?

The wisdom of your heart becomes the leader.

Your mind becomes the servant to your heart.

You learn to build your vision and business that leans on heart wisdom for every step, stage and upgrade.

Your know our outer world reflects our inner world and we handle both.

You will be guided to create from courage, abundance mindset, creativity, authenticity, personal growth and spiritual evolution.

And most of all, you will create from being YOU.


Heart Wisdom Mastermind

  • Ideal Client Alignment
  • Know Your WHY
  • Your Origin Story
  • Expand Your Body Of Work
  • Trainings with Guest Leaders & Experts
  • Authentic Content Creation
  • HEART Work Group Mastermind
  • Group Programs that Serve & Sell
  • Copywriting Coaching
  • A New Paradigm Leader
  • The Power Of  Your Authentic Voice
  • Money Mindset Mastery
  • Empowered Wealth Education
  • From Solopreneur To Sovereign Leader
  • Body Temple Yoga® Methodology
  • The Embodiment Training
  • 1-1 Calls with Daniella
  • Human Design For Heart Wisdom Businesses 
  • 150+ Online Training Videos in a Private Portal on Heart Wisdom Leadership, Marketing, Messaging, Mindset, Operations, Systems, Heart based sales, PDF’s and templates
  • Weekly Training and Q & A Calls with Daniella
  • VIP TRAINING RETREATS in luxurius locations around the world.
  • Outreach & Giving Forward
  • Expand Your Reach & Impact
  • Heart Wisdom Principles in Business

This program taught me how to listen to my heart through my body, prioritize myself first, take charge and that it’s not selfish at all to think this way.
I have the teachings/tools and the support system to lean into to make my dream life and business a reality.

This training gave me the confidence I needed and taught me to speak up for what I stand for and how much I can express myself.

Looking forward to doing another year in the Academy and seeing where life takes me now with this new birth inside of me!”

Anu. G


“I launched my heart-based business as an advocate and guide for women for Home Births and this brings me so much joy and fulfillment. 
I am a totally different person and I see my worth. As a result, I am attracting new clients and making more income that I thought was possible.  I have experienced firsthand how to serve from my heart & make a living at it.
Daniella helped me find my courage, gave me the tools to create what I truly feel called to do.

Margaret C.

CEO, Founder, MLC Doula Services, LLC

“I feel so much more confident and in touch with my heart as a teacher and leader. I thank Daniella for all the love, wisdom and teachings she shared. She is truly a phenomenal teacher and leader.
A true example.

Laura E.

Founder, Mothers Of Gaia Birthkeeping

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