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Head to Heart Mastery Program

Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™



Make The Shift From Your Head To Your Heart.

  • You want to know who you are and why you are here.

  • You want to develop inner strength and resiliency that leads from your heart without getting stuck in your head.

  • You are ready for your own personal transformation so that you can be a living model of a heart-based life for yourself & future generations.


Who are you and who are you meant to serve?

Why are you here?

How is your uniqueness a gift to this world?

What would living from your heart look like?

Together, we will answer these questions for you and so much more.

Make Your Journey From Head To Heart

Discover Who you are and Your Full Potential.

You will be guided how to go from living from your Head to living from your Heart. With this personal transformation, you’ll know what living from the Heart looks and feels like. You will know how to discern the voice of your heart to the voice of the ego, fear and programming so you stay aligned with and fulfill your true calling.

Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™ is here to help you to discover who you are and live your legacy.

I invite you to take a deep breath, open your body, mind heart and soul and be ready to shift from the inside out.

If I am taken care of, I can be of service to whatever and whomever I want to. This program taught me how to listen to my heart through my body, prioritize myself first, take charge and that it’s not selfish at all to think this way.
I now have the teachings/tools and the support system to lean into. This training taught me to speak up/stand for myself and how much I can express myself. Looking forward to seeing where life takes me now with this new birth inside of me!”

Anupama G.

My whole life I have lone wolfed it. Leaning on others or being vulnerable has never been something I was comfortable doing because of fear of judgment, not being good enough, not being accepted etc. If you would have told me a year ago where I’d be now, I’d think it ludicrous.
This wonderful community of heart-based leaders have demonstrated what doing better looks like, what a better version of myself looks like and seeing that a better future for myself exists.
For the first time, I feel I am living my authentic life. I found what I had been looking for. I cannot wait to continue in the Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™  journey. Sva-ha! Give it up to Grace!

Jessica G.

I started The Head to Heart Program less than a month after I had quit my corporate job.
Your program gave me tools to be a better mom, loving partner to my husband, daughter to my mother & mother in law, friend and being on this earth.
I feel drastically different than how I was before your program.
Thank you for all of your insightful teachings. It was absolutely incredible.
I feel love in my heart that I didn’t know was missing.”

Kelly B.

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What Is The Process Like?

Your heart is the leader.

Your mind is the servant to your heart.

We build heart-based businesses and organizations that apply this balanced relationship between the head and the heart.
The process is one of transformation from the inside out.
At Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™ our outer world reflects our inner world and it’s no different in building a heart-based business.

You will create from confidence, abundance mindset, your unique creativity, authenticity, long term sustainability, personal growth and spiritual evolution.

And most of all, you get to be YOU.
No dry content or strategies that try to fit you into another box.

This is alignment with your true self.
This is creating and building from your heart and using your head skillfully to help map out your epic evolutionary, blaze trailing life.

1. Shift From Head To Heart

Make the embodied personal transformation journey from living in fear, worry, anxiety and lack to living in harmony with yourself so that you are fulfilled in living your true purpose.

2. Spiritual Re-Alignment

Are you in alignment with who you are? Are you living your souls purpose and work? Do you want to be crystal clear as to what this? You will be lead through simple process to do all of this and more.

3. Embodied Transformation

  • 20+ years of studying and teaching yoga.
  • 10 years of running a successful multi 6 figure tranformational yoga teacher training school.
  • I developed my own methodology called Body Temple Yoga®.

It moves energy from the head to the heart and gets your heart in the front seat of every area of your life and service.

4. What Is Your Core Message To The World?

If you had a microphone to the world and only one minute to talk, what would be your message?

HINT: It’s bigger than you think.

I will take you through a process for you to know and clearly communicate what your unique and powerful message is to the world.

“Before the program I felt anxiety and stress taking over my life. It was caused by an increase in workload and pressure from work. I let it consume me. I stopped taking care of myself. I stopped doing things for me. I felt terrible physically and mentally. Then, I woke up and realized I could not continue like this.
The words you spoke about letting go of what does not serve you and not carrying what is not yours to carry was one of the most impactful teachings I received from you.
I feel lighter after embodying what you taught me. I have let go and given space to myself and to the things I want and am taking action on them.

I am truly so grateful for what this journey of a program has meant to me. This will be with me for the rest of my life and onto future generations.”

Maddie H.

I felt powerless and hopeless. My whole life was off. I was successful on the outside but dying on the inside. I lost myself in the never ended struggle to gain the approval from others.

Today, I give myself approval and know that unconditional love comes from within, not without. The genius of yoga & embodiment is in drawing the initiates attention inward while empowering them with tools to aid their spiritual development.

Daniella isn’t just teaching you yoga or basic leadership. She’s empowering you to become your own guru. She’ll do this in MANY ways but the most important way is by creating a container where you can safely shed what doesn’t serve you anymore. With love and with grace, she’ll arm you with the tools and wisdom to help you unfold into your true self.”

Marco M.

“My biggest pain was my identity struggle. I didn’t know who I really was and who I really wanted to be. All the expectation from the outside world led me astray.
I got more out of this program than I ever expected. It was exactly what I needed. I felt lifted by your belief in me, support, encouraging words and it gave me confidence to lauch! Everything was so clearly and beautifully presented! I honestly think you are one of the coolest people and look up to you as a role model.
The teaching of “your pain is your purpose” resonated with me. I definitely feel like this has been a transformative time and I have my new bearings. I am so excited to share the teachings with all those whom I serve and cross paths with.”

Alicia T.

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