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Frequently Asked

1. What is the structure of the programs?

Our programs include live zoom trainings, a private online portal with video training modules to go through at your own pace, assignments, weekly follow up & accountability, a private heart wisdom leadership online community and support team. Our year long Becoming A Heart Based Leader Program includes VIP training retreats that are in person in sunny San Diego.

2. What if I don't know what my heart-based leadership is?

No problem! That’s why we are here. We have many folks come to us not knowing in the beginning. We’ll take you through a step by step process to get you full clarity by the end. In this case, book a call with us to find out which program would best suit your needs and current stage of development.

3. I feel like I've tried everything. How will I know this will work for me?

First, we understand your frustration! Daniella has seen and experienced a lot of gaps out there and has built an Academy that fills them and makes it all work! We are here to help. Our process is tried and true. Best next step is to book a call with Daniella and she’ll go over the process, how it is different and you’ll see if it’s a fit for you or not.

4. I want to build a heart-based business that is profitable and gives back. Do you help with this?

Yes! This is our specialty and what we are here to help you sucessfully accomplish! Depending on what stage you are in with your buisness development will determine which program will suit your needs. Book your call and together we’ll figure out what’s best for you.

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