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From our Heart Based Leaders

You can’t have a testimony without a test.

Here’s what our graduates have to say about the mountains they overcame and thus, the heart-based leadership they are living!


I Am Doing What I Love

“Before I started working with Daniella, I was filled with anxiety, apprehension, scarcity and frustration in a career as a RN that was not feeding my heart. It was draining me.
I am a totally different person and I see my worth. As a result, I am attracting new clients and making more income that I thought was possible.  I have experienced firsthand how to serve from my heart & make a living at it. I started my heart-based business as a Doula For Home Births and this brings me so much joy and happiness. 
Daniella helped me find my courage, gave me the tools, and structure I needed to step away from my 21 year job as an RN and create what I truly felt called to do.

I am making a living doing what I love and helping others. Thank you Daniella. You were one of my biggest answers from God.”

MLC Doula Services


I Am Rocking Life

When I met Daniella, I was consumed by my business, hated life and continuously entertained ideas of closing it down so I could work at a fast food restaurant. While I was making good money, I still relied on credit cards and held the belief that I had no money. 

Since working with Daniella:

  1. I have, grown my business from a solo venture to a team of 10+
  2. As I have learned to train and delegate.
  3. My business revenue has more than tripled AND working less. 
  4. Won multiple business grants.
  5. I began paying off student loans.
  6. Credit card use is judicious.
  7. Credit score has skyrocketed into excellent.
  8. Invited to be a podcast guest and summit speaker.
  9. People apply to work for my company even without posting job ads.
  10.  My partnership is better than ever. The more I trust myself to show up and contribute, the more I trust us. We have combined assets, moved in together and we’ve grown our family with fur babies.
  11. I received an honorary certification and was recruited to a leadership position in training program based on my reputation and accomplishments.
  12. I have become a person who is important to know and seen as someone who adds value to the lives and businesses of others.
  13. I use the yogic technology I learned from Daniella to have more confidence.
  14. In my mid-thirties, I am growing my philanthropic aspirations, increased confidence and the network to manifest my visions.

Head To Heart Mastery Program

Shift from your head to your heart in your life and leadership. Learn & embody the tools to transform from the inside out. Know who you are, what your unique purpose and gifts are here to give.

Become A Heart Based Leader

Build a heart-based business and organizational structure to bring your unique leadership into the world effectively with integrity, authenticity and rapid results.

Heart Wisdom Private Mentorship

1-1 Private Mentorship with Daniella to bring the wisdom of the heart to your life, healing, personal transformation, leadership, health, wealth and relationships and/or heart-based vision creation and success.

Imagine IF you could change the world?
That’s a pretty big question isn’t it?

I’m here to tell you that you CAN change the world.
I’ll break it down for you.

Have you ever said this to yourself? “There’s got to be something else?”  

Have you ever struggled with starting a new venture and worried people won’t take you seriously or think you are a fraud?

Or that your current J-O-B is draining the soul out of you and you want out but are not sure what you would do or where you would start?

Do you ever feel fear of failure and that keeps you from doing anything?

Do you want something better for your family and children so they are taken care of and happy?

Do you ever fear you’ll miss out on what is truly in your heart that keeps you up at night where you can’t sleep?

Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve felt all of these things at one time or another so I know exactly how you feel.

And like so many of you, people I have worked with over the years say these same things when they initially come to see me.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Here’s how you get to change the world…

You get to change the world by fully owning and being YOU.
Yes it’s that simple and it’s that good.

You don’t have to worry about being a fraud if you are being authentic.

Your authenticity is in your heart.
The gifts that you were born to share with the world are in your heart. If you honor those gifts and cultivate them, it makes “being a fraud” obsolete.

Imagine if we all owned this:

Imagine if we all did our inner work, cleared out and healed the inner clutter, owned our true power and led by the leadership of our hearts and built profitable businesses around it.

I believe the world would change.
You with me?
Let’s do this.

-Daniella Cotreau

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