Become A Heart Based Leader Group Program

Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™


You are innately a heart-based leader ready to make your vision real.
You know on a deep level, you are here to manifest it on this earth in this life.

You have an unrealized draw to become a leader in your heart-based work in the world.
You have a desire to see a better world and make an impact with your given gifts and talents.

You want to use all your gifts and your uniqueness for good.
The feeling is so strong in you that you want help to create and scale your heart-based business and do it right the first time – so you don’t waste time.

You want it to be aligned with and reflect who you truly are.

You don’t want a business where you spin your wheels guessing or build a business on confusion, old salesy tactics, burn out or just getting by.

You really want to get it off the ground the way you really want and from a heart wisdom based approach.

You want it to be right for you so you are successful and you help the success of others.

You want to be part of creating a more heart-centered world that is a living model of what’s possible. Beyond the talk.

And something in you knows it’s all hidden in a secret place within you – your heart.

You just need the tools and guidance to uncover it all.

You are in the right place.

I’m so glad you are here.

Welcome to Become A Heart-Based Leader Program.

YOU and your gifts are here to bring solutions through your heart-based business.

What is the calling on your heart?

Who are you meant to serve?

Discover your unique heart-based leadership as a solution that brings positive change to the world.

Grow your body of work AND build the structure to make it successful for both you & those you serve.

Design & scale your heart-based business around your ideal life and leadership.

BABHL PROGRAM is offered in 6 month OR 12 months group program options.

Leave A Legacy That Serves For Generations To Come.


Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™ is here to help you to discover, build and live your legacy, both in BEING who you are and DOING what you love while serving something greater than yourself.

Uncover your unique offering, build a structure that creates abundance and in full alignment with who you are. 

I invite you to think outside they box, dream bigger than you have and learn what it takes to lean on the wisdom of your pure heart for guidance.

Your first step in moving towards your heart-based legacy is get the right support.

If this is resonating, book your call to speak with me directly about this and more and let’s see if it’s aligned for me to help you.

Daniella has helped me become much more aligned and true to who I am.
I’ve learned to divorce my idea of perfection and jump all in heart first.

I am leaving the corporate world and creating a Wellness Program.

I went from drained and exhausted daily to leading from my heart with energy and enthusiasm.
This work has truly been life changing for me and I am so excited to continue, grow my dream heart-based buisness and serve from my heart.”

Rose W.

Since working with Daniella, I have, grown my business from a solo venture to a team of 10+. My business revenue has more than tripled, and this has been with me working less. I won multiple business grants and paid off student loans. I have become a person who is important to know and seen as someone who adds value to the lives and businesses of others. I use yogic technology to give me confidence, slow down, tune in, set my foundation and alignment which catapults me forward.”

Karla B.

“I knew there was more to life than communting long hours for work I did not love. With Daniella’s mentorship, I learned to let go of fear and lead with my heart and my life changed for the better. I changed from insecure to a confident working professional. I am a less stressed out wife and mom. I have become a happier person because of my commitment.
Now, I help my clients get out of their monkey mind and into their heart and now their lives are changing for the better. It is a beautiful feeling to know I am helping others. It’s a beautiful ripple effect.”

Mayra F.

Check out our other courses!

The Embodiment Training

Make the life changing shift with knowing how to consistenly lead from your heart in your life and leadership. Learn the embodiment practices to heal, transform old wounds and spirits of self-doubt, fear and belief systems that hold you back from realizing your gifts and all you are here to offer.  Unveil who you really are, what your unique purpose is and why you are here to fulfill it.

Heart Wisdom Private Mentorship

From the personal to the professional and everything in between, 1-1 Private Mentorship with Daniella will bring the wisdom of the heart to your life, healing, personal transformation, leadership, health, wealth and relationships and/or heart-based vision creation and success.

What Is The Process Like?

The wisdom of your heart becomes the leader.

Your mind becomes the servant to your heart.

We build your business and organization that lean on this wisdom for every step and stage and upgrade.
The process is one of transformation from the inside first.

We build from who we are and how we operate, what we’ve healed and reconciled within ourselves.

We work both on your personal healing and transformation AND your work in the world as they are not separate. One feeds into the other.

At Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™ our outer world reflects our inner world and it’s no different in building a heart-based business.

You will be guided to create from confidence, abundance mindset, your unique creativity, authenticity, long term sustainability, personal growth and spiritual evolution.

And most of all, you will be YOU.

This is alignment with your true Self.
This is creating and building from your heart to uncover and live your evolutionary life and leadership.

1. Your WHY

Knowing your WHY is foundational. It will bleed into every aspect of your heart-based business so knowing this will change the game for you.

Without it, everything becomes complicated and unclear.

With it, Grace happens.

I will take you through a process of how to unpack your WHY from your true heart so that you create your message with clarity and confidence.

Write, speak and live your purpose – from serving serving your people, communication skills, website copy, social media presence to and collaborating with others.

2. Know The Problem You Solve

I will teach you how to lead from your heart so that we take the guessing of knowing the problem you solve out of it and get you clear.

You will know exactly what problem is yours uniquely to solve that lights you up with excitement about sharing it in your messaging and with your people.

3. Embodied Transformation

Learn embodiment practices and alignment principles from Body Temple Yoga® Method & School that work both in your personal development and in heart wisdom leadership for inner & outer alignment in every area of your life.

You will receive mentorship to find resolution & heal old wounds, unravel from “should be” programming and claim who you really are:  the heart-based leader you were always meant to be.


4. Your Message To The World

If you had a microphone to the world and only one minute to speak, what would be your message?

We will unpack what is in the depths of your heart and let it be what moves through your heart-based business HBB – that is here to create positive impact in the world.

5. A Sustainable Structure Works.

Do you notice that the patterns and ways of being, living and achieving no longer work for you?

Ready to let go of old ways of doing buisness that don’t work?

Ready to release struggle, financial hardship and guesswork?

We will build piece by piece every part of your vision that works not only for you but also for long term sustainability, time freedom and growth – and that leans on the wisdom of a pure heart to guide every step.

6. Transform Trauma Into Victory

Transform Trauma into the source of your divine purpose.

You are not your traumas.
You experienced childhood trauma and any scarcity programming that was imposed on you. You are given the tools and guidance to heal what is in the way so that your HBB creation and building moves with Grace & grows organically.

7. Take Back Your Voice

Heart wisdom leadership empowers each leader to take full responsibility for their purpose.

Each indivdual has a voice.

Your voice and your message is what holds the power to initiate change.

Let’s find out where yours is.

You will learn and find your true voice and remove any obstacles that keep you in fear of using it. 


8. A Culture That Honors The Human Spirit

Do you believe in the human spirit?
There is a global human spirit and there is YOUR part in it.
The power of the human spirit has the ability to inspire and change the world.
That means exploring and seeing what the human spirit is capable of.

Learn how to creat a container and culture in your heart-based business that leads from the heart, compassion, empathy, generosity, support, love and shows the world what we humans are capable of.

You will uncover your core values and bring them into every facet of your heart-based business so every part of your work reflects them.

Become A Heart Based Leader Program
What you get.

  • Ideal Client Alignment
  • Master Your WHY’s
  • Master Your Origin Story
  • Build Your Body Of Work
  • Authentic Content Creation
  • HEART Work Group Mastermind
  • Create Group Programs & Packages
  • Create high level Mentorship
  • Be A New Paradigm Leader
  • Access The Power Of  Your True Voice
  • From Solopreneur To Sovereign Leader
  • Expand Your Reach & Impact
  • Masculine & Feminine Principles in Personal Life and Heart based business
  • Body Temple Yoga® Methodology – Moves energy from your head to your heart
  • Embodiment Practices for Personal Transformation & HBB building
  • Trauma Healing Work.
  • Heart Wisdom Business Building
  • Abundance Frequency Creating
  • Heal The Money Wound Training
  • 1-1 Mentorship with Daniella
  • Resilience Building
  • 150 Training Videos – Private Portal
  • Weekly Q & A Calls with Daniella
  • Monthly Embodiment  Trainings

“Daniella helped me see how much I deserve to be happy and my family deserves to have a happy mama at home. I am executing on my next steps and know and trust that I will grow, serve and succeed.”

Tricia Z.

“So much gratitude that I can pass on what I have learned and embodied from Daniella to my sons, my family and the people I am called to serve. Daniella is such a hidden gem. Work with her any chance you get.”

Anna L.

“I feel so much more confident and in touch with my heart as a teacher and leader. I thank Daniella for all the love, wisdom and teachings she shared. She is truly a phenomenal teacher and leader.
A true example.

Laura E.

Daniella Cotreau


Are you ready to join a collective of big hearted humans who create lives and heart-based business that uplift our world?

Welcome to Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™

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