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Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You're going through the motions; you're doing what you need to do to move things forward.

You've been a high performer for years, but you feel unfulfilled by what you're doing, and it's a struggle to keep your energy, motivation, and enthusiasm up.

When you look at what you've built for your life, you know it can feel better than this.

So what is this missing ingredient?

It is something that has been kept secret for too long.

It is something most people don't have enough education on or know where to start.

And its time for you and your loved ones to benefit from it.

And my clients see this too.

When they start to implement this key ingredient into their life, health, wealth, and dream business, they experience more fulfillment and their entire life forms into what they really want.

They have more energy and time for all the things they love; they get to experience life the way they want it, with the business and legacy they are proud of.

Introducing Vitality Codes™


- You care about your vitality and longevity, the longevity of your life, business and time with those you love.

You want a business you love, aligned with who you are and generates consistent income that you can keep up with.

- You want endless energy for everyday and thew work you love. Consider burnout a thing of the past.

-  You want vital health for your family and loved ones for years to come. 

- You want to grow your business with wisdom and turn it into a legacy that benefits all.

- You are ready to learn the secrets of radiant health, lasting vitality and come alive in every area of life.

You Are In The Right Place.

Embodiment Training

  • Remove blocks, limiting beliefs, and embody the next version of yourself.
  • Discover more of who you are.
  • Live fully expressed in your life and your leadership.

Vitality Codes™ Programs

  • Amplify your vitality with an intuitive biohacking lifestyle and bioenergetics so you can have health, energy, and vitality for life no matter what age you are.
  • Learn how to reverse age.
  • Get all your energy aligned to bring real healing, transformation and awakening to whole embodied version of you.

Private VIP Mentorship with Daniella

  • Advance in your personal development, health and heart based leadership.
  • Take your current business and vision to the next stage.
  • Have the fulfilment you want in every area of your life now.

Daniella LaRosa Cotreau | CEO, Founder, Visionary

Daniella LaRosa Cotreau, founder of Vitality Codes™, is a biohacking mentor, embodiment expert, CMSAT Bioenergetics practitioner, creator of The Body Temple Yoga® Method, #1 Wall Street Journal best-selling co-author, and real estate investor.
Over the last 21 years, she’s taught countless students the ways of embodiment and guided each individual to living in optimal vitality, sovereign power, and heart-aligned purpose.
With 30 years as a professional biohacker, Daniella has taught heart-aligned embodiment practices and empowered women to tap into their body’s innate intelligence and wisdom.
Through her guidance, women have experienced rapid healing, heightened vitality, enhanced creativity, and deeper divine connection in themselves, their personal lives, and their work.
In her Bioenergetic Sessions, Daniella integrates cutting-edge biotechnology and biohacking practices to seamlessly address physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual levels to enable her clients to unlock their vitality and experience rapid healing breakthroughs.
Daniella’s mastery lies in the intricate dimensions of the body, recognizing it as a microcosm of the macrocosm. She intuitively leads each woman to unlock their unseen potential through their vitality, serving as the foundation for all they endeavor to create.
She leads her signature Vitality Codes™ Program and VC private retreats for women desiring a deep dive into a transformed life experience of their vitality and true power.


Vitality Codes™

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