Did You Know Your Heart Has Wisdom For Change?

Ready to live your vision and create a heart wisdom led business that changes your life and other’s lives for the good?

Let's Connect

Transform From The Inside Out

Become The Leader That's Within You

Grow With Others Doing The Same

You raced to the top and its still not fulfilling.

You are a leader in your company but it's not having the impact you want.

You have the vision but it's not taking off.

You generated great revenue, but your heart is not in it.

There is a nagging feeling within you that will not go away.
You've tried coaching programs but it was more of the same outdated, ego based tactics.

Here's What's Possible...

We know your outer world reflects your inner world.
You know as you change the inside of you, you will see that change reflected in your life and leadership.
You want to lead from confidence, inspiration, authenticity and the heart of what you are here to do and BE.
You want the tools and mentorship to do this in your company and your work with heart and success.

Here's How...


Uncover your long term vision for the future so you are clear with your vision buildind steps today.

Discover the truth of who you are by accessing your heart.

Realign your life and build a fulfilling business so that you are living your true purpose.


Discover your true purpose to open doors in your heart-based business in service to others.

Learn heart wisdom based strategies to take what you love and turn it into your dream life and leadership.


Become the heart wisdom leader in your area of service and expertise.

Model a business in your niche with more heart based approaches and inspire others.

Our Embodiment Trainings are full of guided  body based practices, tools and techniques to transform you personally and professionally into a leader that leads with heart.

Daniella and Guest Experts teach their most impactful modalities in Embodiment for a multi-dimensional approach to transformation.


Share and speak your vision and message to your ideal audience with clarity, confidence and magnetism so they can find you and work with you.

Know how to communicate your vision clearly to grow your audience and expand your reach.

Inspire them to want to walk alongside you and be part of your vision.


Grow your body of work that lives on after you with simplicity and sustainability.

Serve the clients you LOVE working with and revel in watching the incredible ripple effect in the people they touch in their lives.

Leave a uplifting legacy and limitless possibilities for future generations.

The Embodiment Training

Become The Leader That’s Within You.
Body based practices, tools, neuroscience and mindset training to heal and transform from the inside out. Be the most authenic version of yourself and leader you are here to be.

Heart Wisdom Leader Mastermind

Expand into a heart wisdom led business from the vision for your life and leadership. Leave the legacy of positive change you are here to share.
Join a collective of women here to make a difference.

Private Mentorship with Daniella

You want a one to one container to grow in your personal development and heart based leadership. Take your current business and vision to the next level. Created aligned wealth in every area of your life.

Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy®




– You want a business aligned with your core values, reflects who you are and generates great income.

– You already have a leadership role within a company or organization. You want to bring more heart wisdom leadership to it.

– You have a business but it is not making the income or the impact you want.
– You don’t feel fulfilled in your work and want it to be a solution for change.
– You’ve tried coaching but they only taught you more tactics that didn’t work.
– You want to see a world with more thriving businesses that serve people and the greater good?
– You are here to make a living doing what you love and make a difference.

You Are In The Right Place.

Meet Daniella, CEO, Founder, Visionary

I invite you to ask yourself:
“What Is Possible?”
From there, your vision will start to emerge.
A deep connection to your heart gives you the the ability to live a fulfilling life of love, legacy and leadership.
This is possible for each one of us.
Let’s start with you.

Have you ever wondered about any of these things to yourself?

Is there something more?

You want to make great money and grow your wealth for your family while doing something that serves that greater good?


You want to leave corporate but question if you could make the same salary that you are used to?


You own a company but it’s stagnating and want to take it to the next level in leadership, productivity and success?
You are ready to truly live out your greatness but don’t know where you would even start?
You fear sometimes that you’ll miss out on what life has for you?
Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve felt these things at one time or another so I know exactly how you feel.
You inklings are right. There IS more.
More is through the wisdom of the heart.
Imagine what your life would look like if you used it for good.
Imagine if you built a profitable business and it was something you absolutely LOVED.
Imagine the fulfillment you would feel if this profitable business helped others.
If we all did this, I know the world would change.
-Daniella Cotreau CEO, Founder, Visionary

Live and lead as your most magnetic, inspirational and creative self.

Welcome to Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy®

Join a movement of visionary humans who uplift our world through heart wisdom businesses and leadership.


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