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Heart wisdom Leaders for World Change.

Are you ready to become a visionary leader who creates a heart wisdom led business that changes the world?

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Online Courses

Learn the wisdom teachings of the heart and move them from only intellectual understanding into cellular understanding so it becomes who you BE. Move past limitation and into actualized possibility in your personal life and leadership. Live from who you really are, what your unique purpose is and why you are here to fulfill it.

Heart Wisdom Leader Program

Build out your vision & body of work. Both personally and professionally. Design the structure of your vision from the wisdom of your heart and bring your unique leadership into the world effectively, with integrity, authenticity and rapid results while living the lifestyle you dream and deserve.

Heart Wisdom Private Mentorship

From the personal to the professional and everything in between, 1-1 Private Mentorship with Daniella will bring the wisdom of the heart to your life, healing, personal transformation, leadership, health, wealth and relationships and/or heart-based vision creation and success.

What is the journey inside the Academy like?

The process is one of transformation from the inside out.
Our outer world reflects our inner world and Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™ is your container for life long transformation.
As you change the inside of you, you will see that change reflected in your life and leadership.

You learn how to lead from confidence, abundance mindset, inspiration, authenticity and the heart of what you are truly here to do and BE.

We offer hybrid programs both in groups and 1:1 mentorship programs.

Move from Head to Heart

Make the embodied personal transformation journey from living too imbalanced in the head to living in harmony with yourself so that you are fulfilled in living your true purpose.

Find Out Who You Are

You will transform to have a real connection to your heart.

You will realize who you really are.

Then, get ready for huge doors to open in your life and heart-led leadership.

Embodied Transformation

You will have a full library of new tools, techniques and practices to help you in every area and with each step on your *new* heart wisdom led path.

These are all based on the 20+ years of teaching, consisten practice and study of the yogic arts, healing modalitlies, trauma release work, mindset shift processes and more.

  • 20+ years of studying and teaching true yoga.
  • 10 years running a successful multi 6 figure transformational yoga training school.
  • I developed my own method Body Temple Yoga® that moves energy from your head to your heart to put your heart in the front seat of your life.


Know Your Purpose

I will take you through a step by step process to know and deepen what your purpose is and WHY you are called to it.

Create Your Heart-Wisdom Work

Create the structure, income, sustainabilty,  and experience the joy of doing something you truly love.

Generate great income with ease of being yourself while you serve something greater than yourself.

Leave a uplifting legacy for your children and/or future generations.

Expand Your Reach

Reach and serve the people that are meant to be served by YOU.

Learn how to grow your body of work with ease, joy and enthusiasm instead of burnout and overwhelm.

Serve the clients you LOVE working with and revel in watching them create incredible life results.

Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™

Are you one or more of these?

– You want to birth your own business that is aligned with your values, reflects who you are and generates amazing income.

– You already have a leadership role within a company or organization yet you see a place to bring more heart wisdom leadership to it.

– You already have your own business but it is not making the income or the impact you want. You don’t feel fulfilled by it and you want to upgrade it with a heart-based approach.

– You want to receive the right support to do it.

– Do you want to see a world full of thriving businesses that serve people and the greater good?

WELCOME to Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™.

We are here to not just make a living doing what we love, but make a difference.

Welcome to our community of heart wisdom leaders.


You Are In The Right Place.

Meet Daniella, Founder

I love serving my students.
I bring a strong & loving approach that helps them bring their most cherised core values into their lives, visions & heart-based businesses.
I truly believe heart-based leadership will change the world and the world is ready for it.
I believe it will and is changing the paradigm which has been driven by Ego-based intent.
It’s time for the collective heart to reign over our lives and beautiful planet.
This is fulfilled by each one of us.
Let’s start with you.

Imagine IF you could change the world?
That’s sounds pretty big doesn’t it?

I’m here to tell you that it’s totally possible. You CAN change the world.
I’ll break it down for you.

Have you ever said this to yourself? “There’s got to be something else?”  

Have you ever struggled with starting a new venture and worried people won’t take you seriously or think you are a fraud?

Or that your current J-O-B is draining the soul out of you but are not sure what you would do or where you would start?

Do you ever feel fear of failure or fear of your own greatness and that keeps you from doing anything?

Do you want something better for your family and children so they can have strong role models in their lives?

Do you ever fear you’ll miss out on what is truly in your heart that keeps you up at night where you can’t sleep?

Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve felt all of these things at one time or another so I know exactly how you feel.

And like you, people I have worked with over the years say these same things when they initially come to see me.

There IS another way.

It’s through the wisdom of the heart.

Here’s how you get to change the world…

You get to change the world by fully owning and being YOU.

You don’t have to worry about being a fraud if you are being yourself.

Your authenticity lives in your heart.
The gifts that you were born to share with the world are in your heart. If you honor those gifts and cultivate them, it makes “being a fraud” obsolete and this is where your life really comes to life.

Imagine if you healed, cleaned out the inner mental clutter and owned your true voice and power.

Imagine being led by the leadership of your heart.

Imagine that you built a profitable businesses around the vision in your heart that served a greater pupose and it was something you absolutely LOVED.

If we all did this…

I believe the world would positively change.
You with me?
Let’s do this.

-Daniella Cotreau


Join a collective of visionary humans who uplift our world through heart wisdom businesses leadership.

Welcome to Heart Wisdom Leadership Academy™

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